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About Us is developed by Step1 Solutions is a New Jersey-based software development firm. Founded in 2004, the company offers years of experience in business and technology developments. The company leverages a unique artificial intelligence programming approach in the development of robust, paradigm change custom solutions.

Step1 Solutions employs dedicated and highly-experienced development team with strong professional backgrounds and advanced degrees in computer science, statistics, artificial intelligence, and mathematics. The team located in the U.S. and abroad focuses their efforts on providing the best programming at the lowest possible cost. Our business and information technology staff works around the clock to create powerfully, yet cost-effective custom-tailored solutions.

Our going forward strategy is to develop and implement to help Real Estate industry streamline and enhance key business and technology processes, increase efficiency and productivity, and minimize operational costs for all parties involved in a Real Estate transaction.

If interested to know more please contact us by phone at 201-320-2241 or via email at