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The Vision for our community is clear; we are building a Digital Community of professional Real Estate Brokers around the world who want to implement their own circle of dedicated professionals and to create usable platform for their customers. Our vision and our technology are geared toward presenting available green and smart homes to potential Buyers and also educate existing homeowners on how to go green and also how to implement smart technologies into their properties.

The actual facts are that ecommerce and technology are driving change in how our clients are willing to buy and pay for our services. Consumer access to information and increasing control over the process, timing, and ultimately price creates mandatory change. Using our platform Real Estate Brokers will be able to get the answer for a very important question: Where to get more new Buyers, Sellers, and Referrals and how to keep these customers as their clients and followers. We think that by using our platform reduction in overhead is possible.

As per our preliminary survey, Real Estate Brokers are excited that their buying and selling capabilities will be going global. Real Estate Brokers will get many benefits with the market that exists outside of their respective countries. It will be fascinated to see how the global interest is driven by people from their local communities and trickling down to their international communities they are now very important part.

It is not easy to create an authentic, international Real Estate online community! The best
functioning communities seem to grow naturally, and will flourish more because of engaged community of Real Estate Brokers The first step to growing your international and local Real Estate community is to learn why the community formed in the first place” The best way to get a sense of the community is through direct interaction with it members. One way is by using our Platform. The key is to start communicating with members of your local and international community, or other Real Estate Brokers worldwide.

Our Platform

Our platform is designed to help all Real Estate Brokers to link up with each other, invite other Brokers into worldwide, country, region, or specific local community. Our platform providing a variety of tools and processes geared toward reducing costs and time of each Real Estate Transaction. This platform is also usable for generating income and new

j1 platform is designed as a practical toolset for Real Estate Brokers involved in Real Estate Transactions Locally and Internationally.

Use Your Contacts

Our recommendation is to sign up with some of your best supporting contacts like other Real Estate Brokers , attorneys, financial and service professionals. This way you will have a better picture from where your leads and referrals are coming from and in addition, provide job opportunities to your contacts.


Use Platform Tools:

The platform is distinguished by its marketing tools, the Seller Input Form, and the Buyer Interview.

The Seller and the Seller Marketing Input Form let the Seller enter many more home details the listing, including Eco/Green and smart home attributes. It also allow for lead capturing.

The Buyers benefit by having more options to search homes using our proprietary search algorithms. The Buyer Interview mimics the Real Estate Broker  Interview thus providing exclusively designed leads to Real Estate Broker .

The Closing Assistants provide a smooth operation and closing for Real Estate Buyer and Sellers. Assistants are supported by a set of innovative tools representing the way our website users will market, communicate, buy, sell, and process their Real Estate Transactions.

The graphic below describes very high level Real Estate Transaction for Closing Assistants.


See more in the brochure attached!

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