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Value Proposition/Professionals

Currently, we have a very strong Real Estate business and information technology core team with access to legal, financial and property management advice. Using these experts we’ve succeeded in creation of the full real estate suite. The Suite is a Platform that can be used to build more innovative and profitable Real Estate components and new applications.

Please go through the content of this website and decide for yourself if you’re interested to join our team. We need subject matter specialists in the following categories (all states):

Real Estate Attorney
Real Estate Broker and/or Agent
Mortgage Professional
A person certified to conduct Real Estate Closing
Green Broker
Green Artifacts Manufacturer
Green Contractor- Contractor specializing in a readying house for sale will generate leads and it will be up to you to close the deal.

The Benefits for you and us:
You’ll have a full presence on our website and will be able to communicate with your clients.
In addition, if you’re interested to invest your time as a subject matter specialist we’d like to discuss it with you.
If you’d like to invest money to develop a customized solution we’d like to talk to you.