Using Disruptive Technology to Increase Client Base: A Professional’s Perspective

Creating Jobs

On our website real estate agents, attorneys, mortgage and title professionals will be able to generate income from direct fees or leads from Buyers, Sellers or fellow assistants. Green/Smart Brokers are also beneficiaries of our website: we provide a capability for sellers to enter green and smart technology attributes, so Brokers and Contractors should get full advantage of it. All service contractors will benefit from provided leads due to available 100% online transactions and many jobs will be available to baby boomers.

Our platform is designed to help all real estate brokers and agents to link up with each other, invite other brokers and agents into worldwide, country, region, or specific local community. Our platform providing a variety of tools and processes geared toward reducing costs and time of each real estate transaction. This platform is also usable for generating income and new jobs.

Our proposal

Real Estate Agents

  • Register with us as Assistant to help buyers and sellers. Embrace an opportunity to transform them into your buyers and sellers.
  • Earn commission ** on any property you sell through us.
  • Post your listings with our enhanced photo, video and remarks capabilities
  • Market your listing with greater exposure. Buyers and sellers will call you directly.
  • Use our artificial intelligence technology to pre-qualify potential buyers and establish your own lead generation process.
  • Find, and interact with other real estate professionals.

Real Estate Related Professionals (Attorneys, Mortgage providers, etc.)

  • Register with us as an Assistant to help your clients.
  • Advertise your services on our site, blog and social media sites for greater reach.
  • Find, and interact with other real estate professionals.

Green and Smart Brokers, Service Contractors

More and more homeowners are increasingly choosing to be part of the growing green home ownership movement.  And we’re doing everything possible to help homeowners to make all right green choices.

  • Register with us as a smart/green Assistant or Service Contractor to help your clients
  • Communicate with property owners and all other website users and introduce them to your services
  • Sell and install green and smart products using our eStore services.

Real Estate Investors (include flippers, etc.

  • Use our technology to find your preferred investment property
  • Sell it by yourself or engage our best agents to help you.

Partner With Us: We Are Looking For Strategic Partnerships

We seek out opportunities to partner with superior management teams of establishing mutual businesses relationships to help us raise expansion or growth. We also would like to partner with active investors, leveraging their expertise and network in building great businesses. We will work alongside our investors on software development, marketing and sales. With a variety of revenue streams representing products in a range of price points, our products will provide robust revenues.

Skin in the game

The Owners have made a considerable investment of their time and resources to develop the concept, paid for the creation of the website and hired professionals to provide necessary legal, accounting, programming, marketing and consulting services.  We have already invested a very substantial amount of our own money (if interested write to us for details).

We think of the possibility that will enhance the Real Estate industry by transforming the Internet from a marketing medium to a fully-integrated transaction medium.  Leveraging artificial intelligence to create the most intuitive interface for buyers and sellers, it will also become the most user-friendly Real Estate list and search site on the Internet.

Using Disruptive Technology to Increase Client Base: A Professional’s Perspective serves real estate agents and brokers, green brokers, related real estate professionals, such as attorneys, mortgage providers, insurance agents, titles agents, appraisers, home inspectors; and all service contractors, including smart and green contractors.

For all real estate professionals, the rapid evolution of technology has made finding clients more challenging than ever before. With real estate listings readily available online, many people are questioning whether they even need an agent. From 2013 to 2015, nearly one in five people bought a house without using an agent – a record high! Some industry experts have gone so far as to ask whether real estate will eventually become obsolete.

Questions like: will an agent’s job someday be replaced by a robot? Can a mobile app provide as much expertise as real estate agent, attorney or mortgage provider? But look at the value real estate agents bring to the table: they advocate for their clients’ best interests, provide around-the-clock support to answer questions, complete paperwork and monitor deadlines, and help clients move through the closing process with ease, just to name a few.  Are other real estate professionals that provide wonderfully, personalized service will be replaced by applications? Will technology really do this all for people?

No. It can’t. It simply can’t.

Now about Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, and other websites they aggregate real estate listings – but that’s really all they do. In our experience and J.D. Powers * many homeowners who have listed on FSBO websites they eventually gave up, instead of turning to an agent for guidance and support.

We ask many independent agents to a look at  We’re told that the online platform is unlike one they’ve had ever seen before. Yes, it connects buyers and sellers directly—but the company also understands that most buyers and sellers don’t want to forgo the use of an agent altogether. allows buyers and sellers to call upon the expertise of agents and all other real estate professionals as and when needed. The conclusion was that it could be the future of how deals get done.

In the website, real estate professionals have access to a highly targeted customer base. These are people interested in buying and selling directly, but they are using for the site’s enhanced services, including its roster of on-demand agents and other professionals. Unlike other For Sale by Owner (FBSO) services, allows buyers and sellers to set up their own “Virtual Workspaces” where they can communicate, aggregate documents, track deadlines and submit deposits. If they want ad hoc support from real estate agents, lawyers, or other related real estate professionals, they can easily invite them to join their Virtual Workspace. has a similar mechanism to coordinate a “Virtual Closing” where all parties on both sides of the transaction can “meet” to digitally sign and distribute documents efficiently and securely. is a game changer.

Unlike expensive strategies, provides real estate professionals with an affordable alternative. Using this platform will open doors to buyers and sellers, professionals would never have otherwise met. Real estate professionals can work with clients on from the comfort of their own home, on my terms and at times that are convenient for all parties.

It is very possible that many of the sellers using will eventually decide, as many usually do, that listing their home on MLS isn’t enough to get them through to closing. They’ll want the expertise of an agent, attorney, mortgage and other professional. is still in its early stages, but it is proof that technology will force real estate professionals to evolve how they do business. As real estate professionals, we learned how important it is to stay ahead of the curve. will help do just that.

Value of the Product is a practical real estate portal which was designed specifically to improve the whole process of home buying and selling, from pre-searching to closing utilizing innovative, revolutionary approach using artificial intelligence.

The product is a hybrid solution especially for sellers and buyers who began home buying or selling process on their own for different reasons. During the process of selling or buying they have the choice at any point to seek support from Real Estate professionals (Lawyers, Brokers, Finance, Service, etc.,) to help complete the process online or the traditional way.

One of our main sub-products is using raw data. Using our software, users have the ability to analyze and interpret a vast amount of raw data which in turn will provide an array of opportunities.

Intellectual Property – Preference Search

To our knowledge, there are no systems in the Real Estate market that try to find the best deal for a client by learning how the client thinks by mimicking his/her interaction with our virtual real estate agent. Using this product, the real estate agent will receive a hot lead knowing potential buyer preferences.

Our platform is designed to help all real estate professionals to link up with each other, invite potential buyers and sellers into world community by providing a variety of tools and processes geared toward reducing costs and time of each real estate transaction. This platform is also usable for any local market.

What real estate and related professionals (broker, agent, attorney, finance, insurance)can do on – Overall View


What real estate professionals can do on – Detail View


What Service Assistant (Contractors) will be able to do on



(*) More experienced home buyers and sellers foregoing agents: A significant majority (88%) of home buyers are beginning their search for a new home before selecting an agent. Also, 19% of repeat buyers, 14% of repeat sellers, 13% of first-time buyers and 9% of first-time sellers did not use an agent to buy/sell their home, a number that has grown steadily during the past two years.

Assistants Registration

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